How It Works...

Some Happy-Campers (3 friends) score a sweet campsite but…

1) It was kind of expensive.. $$$

2) It’s just the 3 of them in a big ol’ campsite.

3) They enjoy meeting likeminded people AND they forgot firewood.. :-/

Meanwhile, unfortunately, Not-So-Happy-Campers (2 friends) are trying to find a campsite but...

1) All the campgrounds are "FULL".

2) The campsites available are too expensive.. $$$

3) They’d like to find some fun people to camp with AND they happen to have firewood.

The cool thing is, Happy-Campers’ campsite has a capacity for “up to 6 people”.

So, Happy-Campers post their campsite on, inviting other campers to join them.

Not-So-Happy-Campers find the post on and jump for joy!

They sort out a couple things messaging on and, pretty soon, everybody’s camping!